Desirable Brand Building Experts

From Barcelona and consolidated in Germany, now in Mallorca, I am a Freelance Art Director in advertising operations. With more than 14 years of experience as a graphic designer helping large international companies, I work together with the best European agencies of innovation and brand design to build more desirable brands with more buying potential. I am currently based in Mallorca but the growing market prospects allow me to move to where it is needed.

14 years of communication

Working abroad for over 5 years provided me with decision making skills and knowledge of problem solving. In Germany I learned the importance of thinking of solutions before starting. Ideas and more ideas. A design only works when the need is fulfilled.

6 years in Barcelona taught me that “good” is the enemy of “excellent”. Without a spark, without emotion, and without soul, a very well-conceived design will only be passable.

+ 3 years in Mallorca working side by side with other communication professionals who make this profession something extraordinary.

Let's make it extraordinary! 

Brand design

Naming, corporate identity and branding

Advertising design

Advertising graphics, applications, posters, typography design, signage

Pack design

Packaging, displays, toppers, trays

Editorial design

Books, magazines, product catalogues

Web design

UI/UX, e-commerce, newsletter, digital marketing, mobile Apps

Art direction

Photograph, video, illustration


Content writing, translation and proofreading

Joy, commitment and dedication

"Sincerity and commitment to ourselves means that we get the best out of projects."

Tea or coffee?

It is always better face to face so if you are thinking of contacting me do not hesitate to call me.