I could see my future when I scribbled on walls as a child. I am a freelance design expert in advertising operations, member number 796 of The Professional Association for Design and the entrepreneur, having moved to Mallorca seeking new challenges. My philosophy: collaborative teamwork.

One-on-one professional relationship. No more misunderstandings between you and your advertising agency. Depending on each project, I select the best European advertising agencies that can solve your communication problems. I contribute ideas, defend your economic interests and offer you my professional background as a value proposal. Always open to new technologies and open to share my professional contacts. My goal: to improve your brand, save you problems with your agency and create a long-term professional relationship.

The secret of advertising lies in seeing your brand as a financial asset, a business development tool. If you invest in your brand it is positive for the end user as well as for your employees, who will feel more motivated to be part of a company with conscience. If you allow me, we will build a desirable brand with buying potential and conversion to money for your business. We will strategically define the meanings we must make reach the client, we will make them tangible through the design and that will generate the emotional connection we are looking for. In conclusion, we will create a very competitive advantage.

The Professional Association for Design

The Association is the only public law corporation, independent and non-profit-making, which determines, clarifies and defends the interests and responsibilities of professionals for the benefit of graphic design users and society as a whole. They basically take care of two things. The first one is intended to accompany the designer and provide solutions to the problems associated with the day-to-day exercise. The second, and no less important, is defense.

It is important that the graphic designer complies with the law. Nowadays there are many problems of professional intrusion which forces professionals like me to protect my rights and those of my clients against possible theft.


Invest in your future, trust in me and we take the challenge together.

Design is not only about colour. A good graphic work without study does not guarantee fulfilling what is sought. Design is a process of research where psychology and empathy also come into play to help to establish priorities and to know what is most important for your company’s communication.

With one sale today, loyalty is capitalised upon forever.

Stop thinking about sales and start thinking about what is best for your clients. I do not visit my clients to sell them anything, I visit them so that together we can add value, so that we are the best.

As Milton Glaser said, “You can only work for people who you like”.

I would add that they must also respect your work. Let’s be clear: the client knows more about their company than anyone. However, I am the professional who will help them fulfill their needs. Don’t miss the chance. Communication and trust between the client and the agency helps to build bridges and helps the designer to understand the client’s need, enriching the profession. 10 years of experience has led me to be able to do this in 10 minutes.

In communication, do not leave anyone indifferent.


José Rodríguez

Founder at Rodriguez-Design.
Photographer and graphic designer.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Conrad Rius for two years in Bremen. I think his work and his way of working can be defined in two words: meaning and sensitivity. Meaning, because his designs are not only limited to a mere artistic creation, but also play a fundamental role: functionality. Sensitivity, because it is capable of combining aesthetics and practice in order to satisfy the expectations of the most demanding clients.”

Neus Solé

Founder at S&H Communication Consultants Advertising Agency.

“Talent and attitude: hard to replace.”

Francesc Hernández

Founder at S&H Communication Consultants Advertising Agency.

“Perfect combination, key piece in our project.”

Rolf-Günter de Bultmann

Founder at Bultmann Advertising Agency.
Responsible for the Design of Mondelez International Europe.

“It is a pleasure to meet someone who is always motivated. His development in new situations is excellent, as well as offering a great deal of technical knowledge and professional experience.

Michael Krüger

Creative Director at Bultmann Advertising Agency.
Responsible for the Design of Mondelez International Europe.

«Two words: Well done!»